Buy The Kilo opened in February 2019 and is situated in the heart of our community.

We are nestled in Tynemouth’s beautiful Metro Station. We sell a wide range of goods such as pasta, cereal, nuts and flour. We also sell household cleaning products and goods, as well as toiletries.

There is ample parking, including an hour’s free parking, and the Metro is right on our doorstep.



We are a mother-and-daughter business.

Having visited family in Cornwall over a number of years, we decided to bring the zero waste concept to the North East.

Jackie Sewell, mum, ran an interior design business for over thirty years.
She did a part-time Fine Art degree at Northumbria University alongside her business, graduating in 2013.
Her work centres around single-use plastic and the damage it causes to the environment.

After several prominent exhibitions, she wanted to take more direct action on this issue and felt that a zero waste shop offered the public an alternative way to shop that reduced their single-use plastic footprint.

Rachael Brien, daughter, was a barrister and, after taking a sabbatical, set up A Woven Plane with co-founder Sarah Johnson. We found that the cornerstone of our business was to reduce waste and avoid plastic packaging at all costs.

A shared passion for better business and improving our local area, they decided to launch Buy The Kilo.