We are delighted to share with you our programme for the year. These are difficult times and many may not be able to physically access the shop to view the art. In light of this, we will endeavour to showcase the exhibitions across our social media platforms and on our website.








February 2020

Tim Pugh

Tim is involved in the ongoing practice of constructing sculptures that make use of natural materials and a wide range of mixed media, made in a variety of outdoor habitats and landscapes. The scale, structure and colour of the work is determined by what materials are available, the interesting effects of erosion and the consequence of changing tides and seasons.

Associations with childhood and past history may also be evoked in his response to the environment.  As well as enjoying and appreciating the beautiful colours and textures to be found in the natural world, working in the environment also makes you aware of local and worldwide ecological concerns and issues, especially when making art in fragile eco-systems.

As the physical existence of the sculptures is often short lived due to exposure to the elements, digital colour photographs are necessary as visual documentation

October 2020

Di McGhee

Di likes to explore alternative sites for working, making art that interacts with the context of the area and materials of the site, usually on a public scale. Sites have included beaches on the Cumbrian coastline, on disused railways and working on the banks of the River Eden in Carlisle, the Jurassic cliffs of Dorset and more recently shores in the North East.

As an artist she is interested in creating dialogue about a range of environmental issues, often in a coastal context. Recent research had led to work on consumerism, climate change and pollution.


November 2020

Community Exhibition – Stay Creative

“We are so lucky to have such a caring and thoughtful community and feel endlessly inspired by you all. To this end, we’d like to host an exhibition of your work.”

We invited our community to create and submit 5in x 5in square pieces of art that reflected their interpretation of ‘STAY CREATIVE’.

The submission could be in any physical form – paint, drawing, textile, sculpture, photography. Recycled materials or found objects was also encouraged. 

This was open to all creatives – there was no need to be a professional artist and there was no age limit. 

December 2020

Ali Elly

Working from her studio on the Northumberland coastline, Ali is an environmental artist whose artworks are inspired by the seas and oceans of our fragile planet.

Her work helps highlight the important issues facing vulnerable marine life. She explores the aesthetics of the underwater world to achieve a modern, clean and uncomplicated style with a strong emphasis on illustration. With a background in textile design, she is always searching for natural patterns, using organic formations and composition to make her designs flow. This unique style is further enhanced by her obsession with the colour blue. Working to connect art with science she enjoys continually learning about the consequences of unbalance in the oceans.