We are open! In order to stay safe, please read the following guidelines:

– please use hand sanitiser at the door upon entering and leaving

– face coverings are preferred unless exempt

– clean containers may be used to refill all products now

– contactless payment preferred, cash is required for transactions below £1


Click here to complete an online form and we will pack for collection.

Simply select a day on which you would like to collect, and add your list in the box provided. If you are ordering over the weekend, orders will not be ready to collect until at least Tuesday afternoon.

Payment is on collection.

If you are looking for something specific that is not listed, please drop us an email at

Please Note  Our stock is constantly replenished and prices very often change by the batch. Price changes are usually minimal (a couple of pence) but others can vary more such as sun-dried mango or cinnamon sticks. The products will be updated as regularly as possible but prices may be different in store.

All Order + Collect requests will be based on in-store prices. We are unable to guarantee exact quantities being packaged up for your orders due to the nature of the system. Items can not be put back into dispensers once decanted. As a result, packaged up items can be up to 10% over the requested amount.

A note on allergens:


All allergens and ingredients are listed on product labels in store.

If you have any queries regarding allergens for your Order & Collect request, please email us directly at:

Please be aware that allergens are present in store and can become air borne once opened and decanted into dispensers and jars.

Our suppliers warn that foods packed at source may have come into contact with allergens also.

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Plastic-Free Shopping
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