Hello Everyone.


Sending this email out to everyone has been a hard decision.  Our first newsletter after Covid highlighted our issues as a business and what we needed from our customers to survive.


We are all facing big challenges in our daily lives, Covid seemed so big at the time and such a hard thing to manage but what has come after that has been so much bigger.  Fuel and Poverty crisis is another thing to cope with in our lives and has affected us all. I feel we are just trying to manage the best we can.


As a shop, we have tried every way to make us accessible to you all…… late nights, 7 days a week but nothing has worked to keep the numbers up.  We have lost so many streams of income that we had before Covid.  Metro traffic has depleted, school traffic both kids and parents, passing trade has decreased as no one uses the Metro.  Our market traffic at the weekend is JUST starting to pick up, as people are just starting to come back to the market but this is unpredictable. All these elements are taking its toll on our shop.


All businesses are struggling, our electricity has tripled this month, our rent went up when we signed our new lease.  Wage costs have increased.  Food prices are increasing weekly and it is all having a huge impact on our lovely little shop and the decisions we make for the future of our business and as a family.


We have an amazing core of shoppers who have shopped and supported us since the beginning and without them we would have been long gone but sadly it isn’t enough.  

Closing our lovely business is such a hard decision to make and have been working hard since covid not to make that decision but it has to be sustainable in every sense of the word.


So to move forward and try and survive, from the week beginning the 12th June, we will only be open for 4 days a week, 

Thursday 10 – 4.30 

Friday 10 – 4.30

Saturday 10 – 3

Sunday 10 – 2


By doing this, we will be ending our lovely collaboration with The Paddock and being a drop off point for the Veg Boxes. For those of you who use this service, you will be receiving an email from Laura and although you won’t be able to pick up from us, you can have the veg delivered to your door for a small charge if you want to continue.


We hope you will be able to support us in the decision we have made, it has not been easy but the alternative is totally devastating. 


Thank you for reading 

Jackie Rachael and the Team at Buy the Kilo.