North Sea Rejects Bracelet




Bracelets made from coastline ghost gear netting.


From North Sea Rejects:

“From harming marine wildlife to helping it.
An alternative purpose for discarded ghost fishing gear

North Sea Rejects have been collecting ghost gear from our local coastline for years, and have seen first hand the damage and suffering this can inflict on local wildlife. Even if it’s collected from the beach, it’s usually destined for landfill as the UK lacks any facilities to properly recycle nets – they’re either too difficult or not cost-effective to recycle.

Ghost gear is a waste product of the fishing industry and we wanted to find a better solution for the ghost gear we removed from our coastline.

By purchasing one of our bracelets, you’re helping to close the loop on this waste.

It is your reminder of one less piece of ghost gear floating in the North Sea and littering its coastline. It is your support for conservation on the front lines, as we donate 75% of proceeds to marine conservation projects.